Benefits of Laser Wire Stripping over Mechanical Wire Stripping

0.015" Window - Laser Stripped

0.015″ Window – Laser Stripped

Most laser wire stripping machines are carbon dioxide lasers since the wavelength (10.6 micrometers) of a CO2 laser does not affect the metal conductor of the wire.  This is by far the greatest advantage of using a laser to strip unwanted insulation from a conductor because the metal conductor can not be damaged.  A scenario where using a laser over a mechanical wire stripper would be important is for very fine gauge wires.

Using a mechanical wire stripper to remove the insulation from a very small gauge wire could score or nick the conductor compromising the integrity of the conductor.  This is less important for large gauge wires since there is much more material and a small nick would be hardly noticeable to the overall size of the wire.

In conclusion, a laser wire stripping machine will eliminate any insulation on the wire leaving the metal conductor untouched.